Friday, July 23, 2010

Playing catch-up

I've been playing catch-up the past couple of weeks trying to get miles in on the legs before LOTOJA. I had enough of my Garmin Edge 305 shutting off because of a known defect that Garmin won't fix because it's out of warranty so I got a 500 and it seems to be a much better device then the 305.

Since July 1st I've managed to get in 475 miles on the legs and after Wednesday's ride up Butterfield I feel like I'm finally turning the corner on my fitness. I'm hoping to put a few more miles on the legs next week with the Tour de Park City next weekend.

Big rides included Strawberry-Wolfcreek and Coalville-Kamas-East Canyon.

Still hoping to get out on some dirt and hit Bench Creek before fall.

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KanyonKris said...

I'd like to ride Bench Creek with you. I tried it last month - loved the trail but all the deadfall was annoying. I'd guess they have the dead trees cleared out by now.

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