Saturday, May 01, 2010

First Race of the Year

Today was the new Hell of North, or Antelope Island road race. For the second year in a row the weather was a factor. I did better then last year though staying with the pack for the ride out to the end of the causeway and back and 3.5 laps. I finally got dropped on one of the climbs on the backside. I though I could make up ground on the downhill but misjudged the speed of the group as an attack was taking place.

I then spend the next 25 miles doing a TT out to the ranch and back. I was actually happy with my performance with this part of the race as I was able to keep a consistent pace and was able to actually pass one person in my group at the base of the final climb. My time from the turnaround was actually faster coming back then going out by 90 seconds. Not sure where I finished, I think top 15 as there were only a dozen or so in the main pack after lap 2.

Here is my Garmin data.

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